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Hotel Lou Pinet
Saint-Tropez, France


Ideally located between Place des Lices and the peninsula’s most sought-after beaches, Hotel Lou Pinet has the bohemian Saint-Tropez charm that captivated Françoise Sagan, Boris Vian, Picasso and Juliette Greco, with the privilege of an address that dates back to the 60s before the soul of this little village was transformed.

Hotel Lou Pinet is characterized by the charm of its typical southern architecture, its tropezian garden and its swimming pool, which is one of the largest in Saint Tropez. The swimming pool is the central attraction in the gardens, dominating the outdoor space and linking the different houses.

A new take on Saint-Tropez

For many, Saint-Tropez means beaches, yachts, luxury boutiques and spectacular parties. However, an exclusive, secret Saint-Tropez remains.

Here, guests walk barefoot from morning to evening and chic simplicity wins out over noisy ostentatiousness. Hotel Lou Pinet’s Saint-Tropez is a collection of precious moments typical of the Mediterranean lifestyle: a slow-living paradise.

Breakfast in the shade under the stone pines in the beaming morning light before a trip to the beach and the feeling of salt on skin that’s already tanned by your return.

A late lunch that lingers lazily.

A siesta in the cool and peaceful twilight before a boat ride.

A ritual game of pétanque at the bottom of the hotel garden before the sacred aperitif hour when guests can sample the regional pastis flavour.

Rooms and Suites

There’s not a soulless magnetic card to be found among Hotel Lou Pinet’s 34 keys – guests will be given a real one like the good old times.

The golden light of the South permeates the spaces in perfect affinity with the decor materials, including linen, ceramics, rope, terracotta, and lime. The rounded, almost organic shapes in this refined atmosphere pay homage to the style of the ‘60s and ‘70s, from the floor plan to the large benches and lamps designed by Charles Zana.

Restaurant & Bar

Elegant and relaxed, the restaurant decor mimics the hotel’s style. With large terraces, it naturally extends outdoors and blends in with the garden, overhanging the pool. Tucked into the greenery, the various tables are scattered here and there for a natural sense of privacy.

There too, guests bask in the fragrant Mediterranean nature at lunch and dinner – special moments at their own pace in a private refuge where time seems to stand still.

The Beefbar restaurant at Lou Pinet offers many dishes to share and combines chic simplicity, excellence, and modernity. For lovers of exceptional meats, the Beefbar has attracted guests since it opened, being seduced by the flavours of the world’s best meats.

Cosy and bright, the indoor bar is the perfect meeting point for family and friends through out the day.


A short walk down to the bottom of the garden leads to the spa, an intimate, protective haven, designed to resemble a secret cave. This remote spot is perfect for a massage or a fitness session.

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