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Hotel Crillon Le Brave
Mont Ventoux, France


In the heart of Provence lies a splendid 5-star hideaway reserved for those seeking to disconnect from the urban frenzy. Surrounded by vineyards and with breathtaking views of the Mont Ventoux, Hotel Crillon Le Brave offers a stunning hideaway for those looking to switch off from the urban frenzy in an exquisitely authentic natural setting.

Against a backdrop of hypnotically beautiful landscapes sits a wonderful labyrinth of 17th- and 18th-century buildings. Enter and turn here for a secret passageway, there for a breathtaking panoramic terrace.

At Crillon le Brave, the hotel literally merges with the landscape. More than a concept or destination, it is a private refuge with luxurious heritage.

A world apart...

Perched on a headland, the hotel overlooks the entire valley and Mont Ventoux in the distance, its peak still sometimes covered with snow in spring. In this idyllic setting, the outside heated pool offers a delightful refuge where guests can soak up the sun and the spectacular views of the surrounding vineyards and olive groves. The ubiquitous Provence cypress tree stands sentinel at siesta time…

An outstanding historical complex of stone buildings, the hotel offers magical outdoor spaces that visitors can delight in exploring. A terrace with a view here, a romantic patio there, the pétanque pitch and its trickling fountain, passageways in the ramparts, while over there, perfect little nooks for enjoying a quiet coffee while taking in the hypnotic landscape… A world apart, swathed in greenery and fragrances, that will make you feel like time has stopped still.

Before giving his name to a village founded in the 17th century, Crillon le Brave was the name of local hero, the Brave Crillon. His bronze statue welcomes visitors just opposite reception. Here, the hotel is a fully fledged part of the village with various private houses, acquired over time since 1989, enhancing the sense of togetherness.

Rooms and Suites

34 rooms including 17 suites spread over 9 village houses. Each has a name and a story. The current nine houses form an incredible architectural complex and enchanting jumble of stone houses with traditional Genoise tiling and small courtyards linked by pedestrian alleys and galleries, some of which lead to spectacular views of the surrounding area.

Each room & suite is unique with antique furniture and selected decor, remaining in its original layout according to the architecture of the house. Panorama on Mont-Ventoux, windows like life-size paintings on the surroundings, double bathtub with a view – guests will discover poetry on all floors.

Restaurant & Bar

At La Table du Ventoux, Chef Thomas Lesage carefully selects produces sourced from the best producers in Provence, inspired by the richness of the local terroir, based on the best of Vaucluse products.

The large tables are perfect to enjoy a meal together while admiring the stunning views from the panoramic terrace.

On the ground floor of the Maison Roche, the oldest house in the hotel, the Bar is the perfect place to relax in a calm and intimate atmosphere, while enjoying a cocktail or pastis, a typical tradition of Provence.


The exceptional environment of Hotel Crillon le Brave is already an invitation to slow down the pace, to reconnect with your senses and to take advantage of a slower vacation and regain your vital balance.

To help you in this existential reconquest, the Spa des Écuries offers a whole range of personalized treatments in harmony with nature and your own personal needs.

In the heart of our spa hotel in the Vaucluse, you have a haven of peace just a few steps from your room to recharge your batteries and enjoy duo massages or personalized treatments. Take advantage of the expertise of our therapists to make your stay a real rebirth.

The Crillon le Brave hotel opens the doors of its spa in the Vaucluse, a haven of peace entirely dedicated to well-being and relaxation. Time stands still in our exceptional Crillon le Brave spa.

Another world, away from it all. In the 18th-century vaulted stone former stables, XXL bouquets of lavender sit in the restored stone mangers. Under imposing arches, the honey-coloured Crillon stone makes for an incredibly gentle ambiance in an intimate, subdued setting perfect for completely switching off. Protected from outside noise and daylight, the Spa des Ecuries is just the place to soothe overworked guests.

In this protected sanctuary, they can take full advantage of the holistic treatment techniques of Tata Harper in one of the three rooms (one double). Completely tailored to the personal needs of each guest, the face and body treatments draw on the active principles of organic plants and essential oils.

Nature’s healing powers combine with the expertise of our spa therapists, allowing guests to emerge as their best selves.